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WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY  is a company with personally experience over 25 years in the marketing & distribution of hardwood and softwood chips and wood logs and industrial pellets. During all those years, we established a reliable and qualified network of hardwood & softwood manufacturers. Our suppliers were selected for their ability, efficiency and professionalism when collaborating with our local and international customers. Our purpose is to create a direct commercial link between the manufacturer and the user of the raw materials and products. Our experienced representants act as trading partner for our customers. In each transaction, WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY  reprensents both parts and our role is to negociate and obtain the most favourable conditions. 

When collaborating with us, the transaction between a manufacturer and a customer becomes simple and conflicts less. Our main responsibility is to make sure that the demands of our customers are respected and that of course, they are also clear for the manufacturer. The agreed price is also very satisfying for both parts because the manufacturer bills the customer directly. By using this method, we reduce our operation & management fees for each transaction

Thank you for visiting and our buy & sell wood products service page.

This free service is designed to let buyers and sellers of wood products meet and exchange information using the internet and our web site.
In order to use this service, you will have to register using the "Register now to post a free listing" button to the left. You will be asked to supply a user name and e-mail address. Then click "Create New Account" and you will be sent a welcome e-mail with your password. From here you can log into your account and create your buy or sell wood products listing. When finished, please save your listing. WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY administrators will review your listing for final approval and then post it on the buy & sell wood products page.
If there are questions about your listing, you may be contacted by a WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY representative.

Web site is a platform where large biomass buyers and producers can get new contacts and make supply agreements. Using my deep knowledge of the markets for biomass and wood products, on this platform, we develop basically two functions, one, find the buyer along with the product you can find in the market is the most suitable for it. And two, find the right supplier that can guarantee the quality and quantities required to achieve complete customer satisfaction. is specialized in sales and treatment, of all types of wood products.

Key Products:

  • Biomass.
  • Pine Wood Chips.
  • Pine Logs.
  • Eucalyptus Wood Chips.
  • Others Wood Logs
  • Eucalyptus Logs.
  • Fuel Chips from Fruit and others trees.
  • Fuel Wood Pellets
  • Industrial Pellets not certified.
  • Sawdust and bedding chips
  • Playground Chips
  • Biofuels.