WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY trade cooperation with our main SUPPLIERS producing of wood chips and wood logs main from Brazil and USA.

Finding reliable and competitively-priced suppliers is vital to the success of our business.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY currently working in general by our trust main key Suppliers from Brazil, USA, Uruguay, Chile and others South America countries producing of Pine (SYP/Elliott / Radiate /Taeda ) Chips and Logs also Eucalyptus (Grandis/ Globulus) Chips and Logs.

This guide explains how to build strong business relationships with our suppliers, through good negotiation, collaboration, management and performance review skills.

  • Get quality service from our suppliers
  • Building good relationships with suppliers
  • Service trade level agreements
  • Review our suppliers' performance
  • Ending by signing supplier contracts


To ensure a productive working relationship, we select suppliers who offer a quality service and meet your specific needs. Quality service we check by FSC and SGS and a number of national and international certification bodies that enable you to check the quality of a potential supplier.

With our company you can agree on targets and specify performance standards that help to define and secure your business relationship. In most cases it will determine the major responsibilities of the business/supplier trading relationship. It will generally cover such issues as problem management, compensation, warranties and remedies, resolution of disputes and legal compliance. It can also be extremely useful if legal proceedings ensue.


Pictures of of Pine and Eucalyptus Forest in Brazil, where our main Suppliers producing wood chips.


It pays to invest time in building good relationships between us and with our key suppliers. If you can save money or improve the quality of the goods or services you buy from our suppliers, your business stands to gain.

Hints on dealing with our suppliers

Consider some of the following when working with our suppliers:

  • Understanding how our supplier works gives you a better sense of how it can benefit your business.
  • Meet the people who'll be managing your account and make sure they can be easily contacted.
  • Ask about their plans for development or expansion. Will this affect the goods or services they're providing to you?
  • Help our suppliers by placing orders in good time, being clear about deadlines and paying on time.
  • Keep an eye open for any opportunities you can pass their way -in a good customer-supplier relationship they'll do the same for you.
  • Make your business important to our suppliers and they will work harder for you. Some suppliers may offer better deals if you promise to use them exclusively.

However this may cause significant problems if they go out of business.

Don't ignore opportunities offered elsewhere. Keep your options open by monitoring the deals offered by other suppliers.


It is in everyone's interests that you do well out of key supplier relationships. Suppliers warrant careful attention, as their performance may be crucial to your business.

Here are some ways that you can help your key suppliers:

  • Co-ordinate your purchasing schedule with theirs productions possibility.
  • Discuss ways to reduce overall costs through size or timing of orders/contracts.
  • Consider additional products or services that our supplier could provide to you.
  • Update them on strategic changes or new products early on - this helps them adapt to meet those changes.
  • Analyse how well you forecast sales and plan to meet our supply needs. Sharing the results of this analysis with our suppliers will allow you to develop accurate sales plans and hone shared sales forecasts and schedules.
  • Use a purchase order schedule to control and monitor the buying of goods and services from suppliers - this facilitates internal financial controls and prevents specification misunderstandings at the supplier's end.

There are many ways in which technology - especially Internet-based communications – we can help you develop and maintain a good relationship between us and with our suppliers to get successfully closed deals for supply you of our suppliers goods.