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We live in the world with over 400 million hectares of forest, so the supply is there; it's simply a case of properly managing it. That also means that when we cut one down, we should plant another. Wood is a renewable material, requires little processing and can almost always be purchased locally. This makes it a material with low environmental impact, provided it's harvested from a sustainable managed forest. In an effort to combat the devastation caused by destructive forestry practices, certification programs like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) have emerged to ensure that sustainable harvested wood takes its fair market share.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY offers a wide range of wood products to international markets.

We focuses on customer service, product quality, pricing and a trusted experience in order to gain significant market share. Our wood products are high quality products since we have good trading experience and punctual time goods delivery. Our customers are our number one priority and we strive to satisfy them individually and exactly what they needs to by supplied.


We are involved in wood chip/woody biomass broking, trade and logistics. Our clients are wood chip producers, wood pellet producers, power plants, mdf factories, paper pulp producers, traders or other end users. Via our partner companies we are involved in trading operations.

We are happy to help to new ventures to debut on this market or to existing companies to strengthen their presence. You would rather concentrate on striking a good deal in the international sale or purchase of a commodity, or on developing your existing market or penetrating into new ones. If you are new to the wood chips market we are happy to tell you how it works, what you need in order to get sold your chips, we can advice, point out the risks, tell you about market trends and expectations. It is our job to become the link between you and the market and we endeavour to answer all your questions and enquiries. And the best is that talking to us is free of charge!


WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY began operating as a supplier of wood chips to the world pulp and paper industry in 2012. The main our markets is Turkey, India, China, Japan and Korea has always been an important part of our business, resulting in a highly-regarded reputation and excellent customer relationships in the markets MDF,pulp and paper industry. 

As a wood chips trading company WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY specializes in the trade service, marketing and trading of wood chips. We are experts in providing competitive markets for our wood chips suppliers and in sourcing wood chips for customers in Asia and Europe.

We maintains core volumes of wood chips under long term contracts from producers in addition to purchasing additional wood chips to meet market demand.


We have our trust Producers who supply wood products with guarantee worldwide around.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY LTDA currently producing and supply of different types of MDF,paper, pulps quality wood chipsand wood logs in general from USA and Brazil, some times from others countries.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY currently trading and offers different types of fuel wood chips in general from USA, Brazil, European and Asian countries.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY LLP currently trading and offers different types of wood logs in general from USA, Brazil and others South America countries.

WOOD CHIPS SUPPLY LTDA currently supply and offers different types of fuel wood pellets in general from USA, Brazil, European and Asian countries.